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Your Dogs Health

Your dog’s health

Many dogs are not as healthy as they could or should be. Some dog owners are the sort to take their dog to the vet’s every time they sneeze, yet others fail to notice when there is something seriously wrong with their canine. Probably the most important part of pet care is being able to know what to do if your dog seems poorly and often the answer is a trip to the vet’s. This, however, does not always have to end in penniless pockets. In fact, it does not even have to begin with huge expenses being paid out to ensure your dog is healthy.

Firstly, dog worming is an easy way to keep your pet free from one worry at least, and Drontal Plus is easy enough to use. Combined with flea treatment, one dose every three months should be enough. The dosage varies on the weight of your dog and it is rarely expensive. Think of it as saving you money as a trip to the vet’s in the future if your dog does get seriously ill with worms could cost a lot more.

I have recently moved house and anticipated that for my pug, Mathilde, it would be a stressful change to our everyday routine. By doing this, I was able to research various stress management medications for her and found one, Zylkene, which can be used for short time management. It worked wonderfully and I am pleased to say that Mathilde now loves our new home. Anticipating things like this helps not only yourself but your dog as well as it saves them from something that is likely to affect them more.

Dog Mathilde a happy pug.


Similarly, Mathilde is not the youngest pug around and I have therefore changed her diet. About two years before my aunt’s dog died, she started behaving differently to the point where she often became aggressive. Instead of putting her down there and then, she managed to use a different diet to almost revive her old self. Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine b/d is formulated for the nutritional management of dogs with behavioural changes associated with brain ageing. I would hate to see Mathilde behaving like my aunt’s dog before she changed her diet, so again I am attempting to stop it before it happens.

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