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Online Dog Blog: Strange Behaviour in our dogs

Yesterday evening here at Online Dog Blog central I had the misfortune to have to use the clothes drier (have you SEEN what they charge for electricity these days!) and noticed some strange behaviour in my Labrador. At the time I was bringing some clothes in and being quite domestic and noticed that he wouldn’t come back inside with me.

Now my Labrador is normally my shadow…where I go he goes and so for him to not come back in with me was strange. I had to actually push him with one hand on his butt to get him to come back in through the laundry and out into the living area at which point he raced off with his tail between his legs like I was being angry with him or he was frightened.

This was distinctly unusual behavior and like all pet owners I followed him out into the living area to see if he was okay and what the problem was at which point he was almost running away from me. It wasn’t until quite later that that once I finished with the drier his strange behavior disappeared and he became the dog I was used to. (Ok call me dense but I didn’t work it out at the time)

Talking to some friends later that evening we were trading quips about how our dogs can behave funny sometimes and they commented their dog was afraid of certain noises and electrical equipment that the truth struck home. He was reacting to the clothes drier!! Now I know I have been told before about my mums poodle not liking air-con noises and so its certainly possible that’s the answer.

I hadn’t ever seen this behavior in him before but to be fair to my dog I do know that drier is nearly older than me (and certainly more rickety) and so it is more than possible that the bearings or something inside the machine is making noise his sensitive dog ears can pick up that I cant hear. You do know that dogs hear different frequencies to us right??

So I went and did some homework for you readers. Some of the noises or devices I have found other dogs hate include;


Electrical guitars

Ice cream trucks


I guess like any humans my puppy is forming certain traits or behavior habits as he gets older and moves into adulthood. Keep in mind a reaction to a certain item or object that’s negative can increase to a phobia and that’s the last thing we want in our best mates.

Have you noticed your dog behaving strange when you have certain electrical or mechanical equipment running?

Till next Blog.

Online Dog blog Guy.





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  • Nansy says:

    Most people are gone aonurd 8 or so hours a day for work or school, I think dogs are fine as long as they have water and if they can’t hold it some newspaper or something. Your dog will probably be happier with a friend while he is at home. I think the shelter will understand and expect people to be gone for work. I think your chances are very good, they will probably want the new animal to meet your current pets, to make sure they get along. But shelters are looking for any loving home they can find, I’ve found shelters to be a lot less picky about owners then specific breed rescues, I think some rescues get a little too picky imo. Good luck getting a new dog! Was this answer helpful?

  • Odog Guy says:

    I am lucky enough to be working from home these days Nansy and so notice any out of character behaviour during the day that I might have missed being at work in the past. I have considered another mate for my Labrador but also realize that being a one dog house for so long its going to be interesting for my guy to get used to sharing my attention with another dog. Something to consider though!

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