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Getting another dog – Part two

Getting another dog – Part two

Getting another Dog – the aftermath

I spoke last November about my plans to consider getting another dog and how I felt a two dog household would work. So here I am a week in on my two dog adventure and I thought I would comment and provide feedback to the audience out there.

Introducing Mugsy Getting Another DogMatterson the latest edition to my household (along with his owner)

Whats great about two dogs?

As a dog owner I know two dogs ought to be better than a single dog and having the two dogs in my life it is certainly working out that way. There haven’t been any behavioral issues with getting another dog. In fact its worked out way better than I might have expected.

In my previous article I talked about some of the problems you may experience with two dogs but I am in fact not seeing any of this. The two boys are both complete opposites and yet get along fine. Mugsy is the cool introvert who doesn’t mind attention but wont chase you for it. My Lab is the “have to be by your side dog” and spends all of his time moving around behind me.

I have also seen this behavior with them playing out in the back yard with my Labrador looking like a herd dog following along Mugsy as they walk around the backyard.

  • They enjoy playing with each other almost to the point of making me cry. (The number of times I have to holler a bit to get them to stop playing chase inside the house). Makes me feel like an old grumpy man!
  • Being met by two dogs as you get home is twice as good. Their bouncing up and down and tails wagging so hard in greeting its hard not to have a smile on my face.
  • Having door knockers being met at the front door by two dogs is twice as good as one. The combined noise and activity has already driven off a couple of door knockers before I can get there. (I see them moving back down the path).
  • If don’t dog doesn’t feel like a pat the other definitely will.
  • For those who prefer one size dog over another (my girlfriend doesnt really dig large dogs) if gives your visitors an alternate dog to cuddle. Just dont forget to show your big dog some love.

 Problems with Getting another Dog

There have only been a few small teething issues with having two dogs. Certainly nothing that I might have been concerned about from my last article.

  • Sometimes the dogs get confused when I call my lab to do something or to go outside. Means I am trying to juggle two dogs when I only really wanted one. Point in case I tried to walk one dog at a time today to discover they both raced out the door when I called just the one.
  • Feeding was a small issue but I am sure all you readers out there recognize a Labrador is nothing but a stomach on legs. With two dogs feeding has had to be arranged with one dog inside and one dog outside. Not a big issue but one nevertheless.
  • Having always been a big dog owner I am set in my ways when it comes to cleaning up the yard. I know where my guy does his business and its pretty apparent where I need to go to cleanup. With a small dog its so small (or my eyesight so bad) I have trouble finding what needs to be picked up. Additionally he has different habits to my guy so there not in the same spot.

two dogs Getting Another Dog – you know you want to!

Getting another dog has pretty much made my year. Having the addition to my home makes it more fun to be at home and the small dog versus large dog is fun too. Something different to play with makes me appreciate my big guy all the more.

They both get along find and I feel even the house has a different feel to it now I am a two dogs household. Cant help but tell all my readers to consider this and actually wonder if I have been missing out on this feeling the last 6 years with my Labrador.


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