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Dog dry food healthy alternatives

Dog dry food healthy alternatives

What Types Of Dry Food Can You Give Dogs?

Adding dry foods to a dog’s diet is something that is extremely important. The reason is because not only does it give them a varied meal but also the crunchy biscuit textured food helps to clean their teeth and keep their gums healthy. A lot of these types of foods are cereal based and can be quite unhealthy for your pet even though they are filled with a lot of nutrients and supplements. There are however brands that use natural ingredients and only put whole wheat in their food. This means that not only will it be healthy for your dog but it is rich in fibre and will help their digestive system as well.

Healthy food for your dog


Iams is a company that specialises in this field and actually provide a product that fits this description. They are a well-known brand and can be found in a lot of pet stores and supermarkets. You can also buy this food online saving yourself a lot of money off the retail price.

Lily’s Kitchen Food for dogs provides a wider range of dog foods and this extends to doggie treats as well. Instead of feeding your dog chocolate made for dogs, giving your dog crunchy biscuits as a treat is something that is much more healthy and your dog will enjoy it more. The company also provides a range of wet pouches and use only natural ingredients in their food.

Lilys Kitchen Food for dogs

Lastly there is a very popular company that specialise in a wide range of dog foods. They have breed specific diets and also those that are tailored to different sizes of dogs. This means that it could be a one-stop shop for all of your pets’ needs – they also have one of the widest selections of flavours available. The company is called James Wellbeloved and are used by a lot of pet owners throughout the world.

James Well Beloved pet foods

Overall giving your dog dry food is recommended as long as you choose wisely. Making sure that the food is of a very high quality and manufactured by a reputable company is the best solution for your dog. By doing this your dog will have a good digestive system and also healthy gums and teeth.

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