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Dog Blog Bean Bag Stories

Dog bean bagDogs and bean bags an irrational love?

Dogs seem to always love bean bags and my black lab is no exception to the rule. I recently had to leave Online Dog Blog central and head to the girlfriends place to help move some furniture in and out of her place. Leaving my dog at home had its rewards though.

One item she didn’t need nor want was one slightly used Black Bean Bag including the prerequisite hole that poured beans all over the car on the ride home. Now don’t get me wrong I am not interested in sitting on it. I can paint an interesting picture of a slightly moldy smell and enough people putting their butts into it that the rough surface of the bag is slightly smooth instead of textured now but to my black Labrador its a completely different story.

No sooner was the bag half stitched up and in place on the floor in my office then with a running leap he was airborne and landing in a black heap on the bag. Also resulting in another snow storm of beans puffing up into the air so hard I thought I was at the snow fields!

Its been several days now and he is basically attached to that bean bag for hours a day to the point I still haven’t fixed the hole on one side I am just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!

I have done some homework with online pet stores and to my surprise dog bean bag / beds are usually represented very thinly compared to other mattress style beds available. (I wonder if there is a market there for me to capitalise on with dog beds!) It seems that some stores specialize in dog bean bag beds if you look hard enough though.

I guess if you look at it from the dogs point of view a bean bag has a nice molding shape to their bodies, its warm with all those beans inside it and yet he feels snuggled and quite at home. Dogs being creatures of smell I guess it also takes on an interesting blend of human and dog smells after a while (just like dog blankets) which means they feel right at home.

I suppose I can look forward to putting up with this bag until A) the hole gets bigger or B) the smell starts to get to me!

Has anyone had any interesting experiences with dogs and bean bags they would love to share with us here at Online Dog blog feel free to leave a comment.

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