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Where Do I Find A Dog?

Where Do I Find A Dog?

So, everybody in the household has made a decision to have a dog. But where do I start to find this new family member from? Listed here are the most typical areas you will probably find your new best friend.

  • Breed rescue groups are groups of individuals who love and look after one type of purebred dog. Often these animal lovers (Golden Retrievers as an example), will look after homeless Golden’s until a place is found. They have great incentive to find good homes and will often have high quality dogs available to be re housed. There can sometimes be a fee associated with this type of group but it is usually a donation to the organisation.
  • Breeders are individuals who raise purebred pups in order for show, breeding work dogs or breeding blood lines . I have to point out here most quality breeders will want to meet you before you take the dog home. Same applies for you. Ask lots of questions and make sure you find out what their dogs are normally like. Any genetic flaws and general behavior issues?. Additionally these dogs have proven temperament and general physical specification. There are many breeders and you will want to do your homework to find one in your area that suits you and produces quality pups. An online search for breeding groups, kennel listings and general information about the dog breed will often turn up breeders near by. This is probably what we here at Odog recommend as your main method to find a new puppy.
  • Department of Animal Control / Pound you will find abandoned or surrendered dogs. You’ll find purebred  and mixed dogs, older dogs and puppies. This can be an emotional decision as many shelters have a euthanization policy for dogs that aren’t rehoused within a certain time frame so sometimes you can be saving the life of a dog. This is the cheapest way of finding your new family member and you have many choices on the type of dog you want along with a chance to interact with them before you make a decision. I will freely admit I get a bit emotional about this one and so I would like you to carefully consider visiting your local pound to see if someone there grabs your heart. One advantage to this the dogs will have been carefully looked over by a vet and already be de-sexed. Usually there is a fee (cost for the dog) which helps keep the pound / shelter rescue more dogs and keep up the health care provided on other animals waiting to be re-housed.
  • Pet Stores are retail organisations trying to make you part with your dollars on that little puppy who grabs your attention at the mall or local shopping precinct. Have to admit I am not a big fan as the puppy is usually regarded as a product and the best wishes of the dog usually come second to making a profit. Additionally these dogs have the highest percentage of dogs handed in to the shelter or pound. And last but not least these stores normally help keep puppy mills (factories designed to create puppies in large numbers) in business. And I am vehemently opposed to those so my advice will be stay away from pet stores for your actual pet. Accessories fine…puppies no!

Good luck with your new best friend!


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