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Walking dog in wet weather

Walking dog in wet weather

Wet weather and our dogs can be a funny topic. Lets face it some of our furry friends (including my Labrador here at Online Dog blog) can be fair weather dogs!

The thought of heading out and walking my dog in the rain isn’t the most cheery of thoughts and yet as I have commented before Dogs get an awful lot from walking with their owners. And lets face it sometimes the sun just doesn’t peep out from behind those clouds for us!

And some of them can be what can be clearly called raindogs. You know the type. No matter how wet and muddy it is their clearly just as home completely drenched as dry. After all its your job to wash them so they don’t mind do they!

Have you ever seen that face your dog pulls when its past the normal walk time and your not moving from the couch/chair your currently in. Its almost as though their trying to work out why their being punished with not being walked. I know this look…its the “What did I do” face as I like to call it.

By my count its been raining for about 4 days now and Leo and I have been ducking in and out of the house in between showers and storms making the best of the chance we have to get some exercise in. The happy lab tail wagging back and forwards hard enough to knock me over is evidence enough I am making the right call.

An unfortunate side effect however is the marks on the floor when we come back inside. Even a towel thrown down to attempt to clean feet and paws doesn’t work as expected. Either I am pulled off my feet as he races back inside the door at full tilt or he wont stand still long enough for me to clean our combined 6 feet!

Labrador dog and muddy paw prints on the floor

Leaving a mess that looks something like this (add in the human foot print for full effect)

Here is a hot tip for all those Dog owners who like me are devoted to our furry children. I typically take my dog out the front door on nice weather days. On rainy ones I try to make the exit through the garage where I just happen to have some old rugs on the floor under the cars. The effect of walking through 10 feet or so of carpet like material does most of the job of cleaning our 6 feet for me and keeping the inside of the house as wet dog free as I can make it.

Till next time all you rain-coated dog walkers!

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