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Thoughts about Getting Another Dog

Thoughts about Getting Another Dog

My reasons I should get Two dogs.

Odog Central here is a one dog / one adult household but I have been contemplating recently either adopting a second dog from the Animal Welfare center (a noble gesture I have mentioned before) or about allowing one of Getting another Dogmy friends to move into the spare room. Allowing not only another adult into the mix let alone adding another dog can have serious repercussions for yo and your dogs relationship.

Understand your dog is a pack animal and acknowledge that in order for your dog to be happy he needs and wants to know his place. You should (in theory) be the pack leader and any one else in your family / close friends should also have their place in your pooches mind so that he understands he may not be first but has his place in the pack. I have mentioned before the role walking your dog plays in establishing a pack leader relationship and nearly all dog training programs cover this.

 5 Reasons for Getting Another Dog

  • Dogs enjoy being pack animals and are nearly always social and enjoy the company of other dogs. They will normally sort out their pack position through body language, play (sometimes rough and tumble) and occasionally some extreme behavior that may require modification. This isn’t always the case but they can normally sort out their place and be quite happy but keep in mind your changing their environment.
  • When your not around having a friend in the yard for you pooch means he will have company to keep him amused. This means a reduction in bad behavior like digging, chewing, barking and other undesirable traits.
  • If you enjoy one dog your already a pet lover and you simply increase the love and unconditional attention they give you by two!
  • If your considering a house mate like I am they can actually save you money. Having someone to share bills and cost of a home means not only do you have an extra pair of hands come dog wash time (if your dog doesn’t cooperate)
  • If you need to leave the house for any extended time or need to go away overnight occasionally you have an in house dog sitter. (Also can save money in kennels)

Getting another dog

3 Reasons you need to be careful with two dogs

  • All dogs can come with their own baggage (just like humans). I have a neighbor down the road whose dog hates mine simply because he is black. No other reason as they’ve never met. Occasionally some dogs simply wont be other dog friendly and all you will achieve with getting another dog is creating a hostile angry environment where they fight and possibly injure each other.
  • The economic cost of two dogs may be more than you realize. Every dog may have different needs in care  and maintenance and so your cost efficient one dog solution may change when getting another dog.
  • Some laws and regulations in your state/county may prevent you having two dogs and in fact as a responsible dog owner you need to appreciate that dogs like you sometimes need their own space and a small yard may prevent this. You will need some common sense here folks..if your in a small place with two dogs getting another dog isn’t going to work.

The final word on Getting Another Dog

I think the video below is the best answer I can possibly offer you for having two dogs. Listen to the owners and watch the fun the two dogs are having. Taking into account all the factors I mentioned above and make a responsible decision for your home and your favorite pooch.




 ***Photo thanks to Rhys Aspludh & slideshowbruce***

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