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Puppy Lead Training – Dog Trainers Top Tips

Puppy Lead Training – Dog Trainers Top Tips

Teaching a puppy to walk on a lead is one of the most important steps in training. Once you have gone through puppy lead training your puppy will be much safer and more manageable, and it will make walking a more pleasant experience for both of you.

Because you are reading this article about how to lead train a puppy, chances are that you already have a puppy and are ready to begin the training. If you are in this position you are at a great advantage because training a puppy to walk on a lead is much easier that trying to retrain an old dog with bad habits.

If you follow this article carefully, your puppy should learn to walk on a lead perfectly within a week. If it takes a little longer don’t worry because every dog is different. Just be patient and remember that you can’t expect your puppy to know this stuff, you have to teach it to them.

When it comes to puppy lead training, the sooner you can begin, the better. The first step is to make your puppy comfortable with wearing a collar. Get yourself a simple, lightweight collar and place it over your puppies head while you are playing, this helps to distract their attention from the collar. At first, he is likely to try and get it off by rolling around or scratching it, at this stage you want to leave the puppy alone until they forget about it. Once they have left it alone for a while take it off them.

When you reach the stage where it no longer bothers your puppy to wear the collar, it is time to use the lead. you need to take time to let the puppy get to know the lead, and realize that it is not a threat. Clip it on his collar and let him play with it and drag it around the house, after a while he will forget about it.

Once the puppy is happy with the collar and the lead, you can start to use the lead. The initial training sessions should be short and enjoyable for you and the puppy. During this time it is likely that the puppy will want to follow you everywhere anyway so use this to help with the training.

Initially you just want to walk around the house with the lead loosely in your hand and have the puppy trotting along next to you. When he follows you on the loose lead, give him lots of praise and treats. When he pulls ahead on the lead, just stop, don’t pull on the lead, just call him back to you, praise him when he comes and start again.

And there you go your puppy now enjoys walking with you on the lead!!

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