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Large Dog vs Small Dog: Are they really that different?

smallbusinessjobs.wordpress.comTaking Leo outside for a walk the other day I surprised two dog owners walking their bulldogs up the street. Now I know my dog and I know he is silly, sometimes foolish and full of mindless enthusiasm (arent all Labs?) but dangerous to other dogs he is never. So the sight of these two dogs he hadn’t met before naturally enough all 35 kilos of black lab dragged me down the driveway to say hello.

And by dragged I mean I was leaning backwards and still going forwards downhill like I was a drunken sailor! It doesn’t help the driveway was wet from all the recent rain but I pride myself on not being little nor weak and even I was surprised by the power Leo put into dragging me downhill.

Arriving at the kerb to say hello the two other dog walkers reacted like Leo was a snarling ravenous beast and I was the arriving riot squad about to sick my dog on them. They tried to stand between Leo and their dogs and were acting all frightened and scared and concerned. I even had a moments concern they were going to lash out at my Dog!

After numerous reassurance and the quite obvious sign of Leo’s flat tail moving almost quicker than the eye can see in happiness they allowed him to say hello and we all got along fine.

This leads me to my comment about Big Dog vs Small Dog Owners. Look around on the web there are plenty of comments about how single minded so many dog owners can be. We tend to gravitate towards what we know or what we have always known but the trick here (and I learnt this at a convention) is to question our own thinking. Are we thinking independently or going by instinct.

I bought a Big Dog because that’s what I have always had. I argue passionately about big dogs sleeping all the time and not eating as much as people say. I enjoy having a dog I can reach without bending down. But am I more correct than a small dog owner?

Small Dog owners love the dog can fit on the bed, Don’t bark as loudly and leave a smaller mess in the backyard. For those purists out there with the non fur breeds they even proclaim loudly how they don’t have to vacuum up as much hair! But have they ever OWNED a big dog? Or are they simply repeating what all small dog owners have always said?

I have cared and looked after plenty of small dogs in my time and I know I prefer a big dog. But still this incident gave me time to reflect on what I have always felt I know about why I like Dogs and question the instinctive reaction small dog owners have to big dogs.

What do you prefer? Small dog or Big Dog?

Till Next time. Odog Guy here at ODog your Online Dog Blog


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