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Help my Dog has Seasonal Allergies!

Help my Dog has Seasonal Allergies!

When your dog has seasonal allergies it can crush you with how miserable they can get. All the scratching and My Dog Has Seasonal Allergiesmucus that covers their eyes along with the licking of the paws, itching and their general unhappiness. Naturally for our pampered pooches we want to find any kind of solution for our pets we can. Finding a cure for these Seasonal Allergies (or in fact any allergies) isn’t impossible although I can tell you my dog and I have learnt to live with the symptoms rather than subject him to some of the more extreme options.

I just plan ahead and know come spring all his allergies get worse and I get some secondary signs like ear infections and rashes.

Can the vet help when my Dog Has Seasonal Allergies?

My Dog has seasonal allergies When my dog first started showing the symptoms of both seasonal and non seasonal allergies of course I rushed him down the the vet to be diagnosed. They offered me a several options all with positives and negatives.

  • An extensive allergy testing program to identify what is causing it. This involved him being taken away to a testing Lab somewhere and having a patch of skin shaved and then having a number of common allergens injected into him until they see what causes a reaction. As a pet owner I was horrified at this and needless to say didn’t go this way
  • Books. Yes you heard me books. There are a number of books out there which deal with Dog Allergies and Plants which can affect them. I spent a busy few days pottering around the garden looking for plants which I thought might bother my Labrador and removing them. There are plenty of online sources for similar books here are a couple I have found.Dog Allergy Cure Ebook

    Dogscaping: Creating the Perfect Backyard and Garden for You and Your Dog
    My Dog has Seasonal Allergies

  • What we finally settled on was his Diet. Yes for those of you who didn’t know many dogs can be allergic to certain types of proteins in their diets. This means the common every day food or even human leftovers are a no no. In the end we went with a HyperAllegenic Food from Royal Canin which once again has up’s and downs to it.
    The positive – His food is highly regulated which means he gets the same food and the same amounts. Anyone in the family or visitors can feed him easily. I even found a rewards program I could use which made every 10 bags I got one free.
    The Negative – I cant give him any real doggy treats meaning I miss out on the joy of seeing him smash his way through a bone or a treat. I am sure most dog owners are going to agree with me that the odd sneaky treat for our pet is a naughty pleasure we all enjoy.

  My Dog Has Seasonal Allergies – What can I feed him?

As I mentioned above there a number of vet prescribed foods which may or may not hurt the bank. They come in a of allergen free types for young old dogs alike and simply remove some of those random proteins dog foods can have and give him a much smoother refined mix.

There are a number of other ideas circulating around the web right now (if I can find a link will edit this post down the road to steer you towards some information) that suggests a whole range of options from feeding our dogs more green plant matter all the way to the other end with feeding our dogs only meat.

The best resource I can possible offer you to finding your way to a good food for your Dog has seasonal allergies

 Medicated Dog Wash?

I might tease you with a small bit of information here but suggest you talk to your friendly family vet. I use a My Dog has Seasonal Allergiesmedicated wash and it helps with the licking on the paws and some of his itchiness and scratching. I hesitate to offer too much information on this one as I am not a vet but have had plenty of experience with them!.


Till next time Happy Walking!

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***Photos Thanks to Butler.Corey & Tai McQueen***

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