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Introducing Flash – An Odog Hero

Introducing Flash – An Odog Hero

Introducing Flash…

This is my dog. His name is Flash (the 2007 new series of Flash Gordon was on Sci Fi at the time and my whole household were a little bit obsessed to say the least).

We found him at Jasmil Kennels and Cattery. He was only 5 weeks old wheFlash a rescured dog from Online Dog blogn he arrived at the shelter, but already in that short time had been stolen from his parental home, attempted to be sold door to door by some delinquent youths, and when no-one wanted him because he was too young and their attempt to sell was too shady, they tossed him into a roadside bin and left him to die.

Because of this bad start, he had not received the correct nutrients from his mother’s milk to help him develop, meaning that his coat was incredibly weak, and the rate at which he moulted was far too quick to be natural at his age. To help his coat grow strong and shiny, we used a supplement which was aimed at improving the quality of his coat and reducing the hair loss he was suffering from. We used a product that was rich in omega 3 and 6, two oils that are essential in the maintenance of a beautiful coat and healthy skin.

Flash asleep - An Online dog blog pictureAnother issue we had was that he would have periods of constant scratching. This was down to two things. The first reason was irritation. Because he had been left in the bin by his abandoners, he had been subjected to some highly irritating substances. What’s more, because he had not been allowed to drink the milk from his mother for long enough, he hadn’t gained the resistance to more minor irritants, meaning that he was easily irritable. The second reason was down to the parasites that were also present in his early surroundings. To get rid of the parasites we used a course of antibiotics, and to ease his irritated skin we used Yumega, which we simply hid in his food (a god sent since Flash decidedly would not accept any medication orally if he could see it), and we watched him get better as the weeks passed.

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