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Labrador Retrievers –

Labrador Retrievers –

Labrador Retrievers are popular dogs in countries like United States and United Kingdom. Apart from that, there are still other amazing facts everyone must know about Labrador Retrievers.

– They are considered as the world’s most popular breed.

– Most popular breed used as assistance dog by police and other official bodies.

– These are bred as working retriever and they are expected to hunt in water and pull boats. Their webbed toes and straight powerful otter-like tail make them excellent swimmers. The tail serves as rudder for changing direction.

– Waterproof, water-resistant and water-repellent are words that best describe the coat of Labrador Retrievers. this prevents them from getting cold while in the water even during winter. The coat can be black (solid black color), yellow (varying from cream to gold to almost red) and chocolate (medium to dark brown).

– they enjoy holding objects in their mouths. They can carry an egg in their mouth without breaking it.

– These playful and energetic dogs enjoy retrieving a ball and other activities such as frisbee and flyball.

– This excellent family dog is not noisy if trained and not territorial. They are gentle to people and other animals thus making them ideal additional member of the family even if there is small children and other pets.

– They have steady temperament and excellent detection and working ability ideal for search and rescue, detection and therapy work.

– Escapology is not a problem among Labrador Retrievers. They do not usually jump high fences or dig under the fence to escape. But because of their curious and exploratory nature, they sometimes vanish and can be separated from their owners without notice.

– Almost every Lab enjoys playing or swimming in the water.

– They have hearty appetite and tends to eat both digestible and non-food objects alike.

These facts are the reasons why most dog lovers love Labrador Retrievers. Their amazingly extraordinary characteristics and skills are what makes them a widely preferred breed of dog since then until today.

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