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Dogs in cars

Dogs in cars

Dogs in cars is something I spot a lot driving out an about locally. Even our winter temps (compared to the Northern Hemisphere) provide reasonable enough weather that dog owners can have their pets travel with them either inside the car or outside. Here in Australia an image which is somewhat famous (or infamous) is the Dogs in carstraditional look of a dog hanging out of the back of the truck.

I know when someone mentions taking a dog anywhere in the car the first thing that pops into my mind is a similar photo.

Another side to this story is the highly competitive dog seat cover industry online. Do a Google search and your are most likely to find millions of results (try it…I get 2.8 Million) for stores trying to sell you seat covers for your favorite pooch. Having leather seats myself I know I deal with the problem all the time.

Piece of advice when buying a dog car seat cover.

  • Find one which you can take in and out of the car easily using simple clips
  • Make sure the side your dog is sitting on includes a non slip surface. Imagine if you will my 35kg (77pound) Labrador sliding across the backseat of my car as I corner.
  • Washable is definitely a useful feature for keeping the cover and the backseat of your car clean.
  • A zipper of hole for you to clip a dog harness in to make sure your friend is secure in the back.

Another amusing factor in the Dogs in cars story is the picture of your mate with his nose going, lips flapping and   Dog head out of windowdrool all over your window as your dog insists on his head being outside of the car at some ridiculous speed at which you are currently going.

There is an amusing line traveling around the internet which goes something like “A biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of the window”.

“Ever ridden a motorcycle? The things you can smell when you’re riding (yes, even … actually, especially … with a helmet on) is one of the reasons I ride. It’s like driving with your head out your car’s window. Adds a whole ‘nother dimension to the experience of moving that fast.”  Source Askmetafilter

“With a dog’s bazillion times more sensitive nose it’s got to be better than sex.”

A somewhat more scientific comment is;

“They’re pretty much in ecstasy when they’re riding in the car and the wind is pushing all these odors in their nose,” said Dave Burke, a veterinarian at Grand Traverse Veterinary Hospital. “They can discern things we’re totally unaware of.”

Burke said studies show that a dog’s nose could be 1,000 to 2,000 times more acute than a human’s.

For all those pet owners out there currently looking at their dirty back window is dismay….well I am writing this article from the car wash where I am getting someone to clean my windows!!

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